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What is a functional lifestyle? It’s living in a way that cultivates inner function—by taking into consideration all the things your body needs for optimal function and making choices that align with satisfying those needs. 

Our method helps you to nail the basics of a functional lifestyle and have the confidence to personalize your process by helping you to consider all the ways to fuel your full day. Through self-experimentation see what works for you and also what doesn’t, to live in sync with the amount of stress your active day has placed on your cells. 

Product usage
  • Observe
  • Nourish
  • Move
  • Reflect
  • Defend


Start here: Observe the following areas of your lifestyle—Nourish, Move, Reflect, Defend. Functional health is the result of properly connecting to all of them. 


Eat real food, drink plenty of water, supplement wisely, expose yourself to light, breath, sleep deeply—fully fueling your body for success. 


Fitness is about more than exercise. It’s about maintaining the physical body’s strength, agility and adaptability—which your body needs for optimal function.


Take time to manage stress and practice self-care to balance your nervous system—leading you to own your purpose.


Disconnect from anything getting in the way of function—avoid toxins and exposures not meant for humans—to allow your cells to function normally and without distraction.  

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