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Bring higher function to your active day.

Bring higher function to your active day.

Fieldlab began when I discovered that the stress of exercise was negatively impacting my personal health. Being a functional medicine doctor, I thought I was recovering well from my active day because I felt great. To my surprise, lab results revealed hidden inflammation. I took on the challenge to determine what was needed to restore my functional health. 

Working with patients has taught me that even though we’re all so unique, we all have fundamental human needs that must be satisfied to maintain function. In my case, my cells needed more fuel to power energy production and combat the inflammatory stress of exercise. This is exactly what I focused on—it worked. 

I’ve since helped many active people in my community to achieve the same positive results. As a doctor, I’m grateful I get to be a trusted partner in so many people’s wellness journey. I created Fieldlab to spread the word that a functional lifestyle will fuel your full day—for Doing Things Well and feeling your best while doing them. Spend some time with us to support living your best life.

See you in the field,

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Dr. Alison Monette, ND

My Self-Experiment

Fieldlab began the day I received my first “bad” lab test report. Because I’m a functional medicine doctor, I monitor how my lifestyle choices affect my health by tracking metrics—one way is through labwork. To my surprise, functional fitness was the first thing that ever challenged my functional health. But because I otherwise felt great doing it and my fitness level had improved so much, I wasn’t willing to give it up. Instead, I used my functional medicine background to solve the problem by reimagining what I needed to do to restore my inner function. 

What We Are About

To me, the abnormal lab results meant I was not giving my cells enough fuel to function normally. They needed more nourishment to keep up with the higher demands of my functional fitness routine. Using everything I know I started a new experiment. Taking a mitochondria-centric approach—I started to provide more fuel specifically for cellular energy production and recovery. It worked. My labs returned to optimal and I made more gains in the gym than I ever thought possible. 

Why We Exist

People in my fitness community noticed my positive results and came to me for professional help. Interestingly, most of them had similar abnormal patterns in their lab results. Although humans are unique in many ways, the stress of doing functional fitness shows up the same, so I guided them to conduct the same experiment as mine and it worked for them too. 

Fieldlab is about bringing access to living a successful self-experiment because the only thing that stands between you and optimal health is the knowledge and support to fuel your process.  

What We Do

Everyone who loves functional fitness and cares about their health wants to hear our message. It’s what happened in my community. Once active people understand the potential for dysfunction or actually see it in their own results, they will do what it takes to prevent it. 

We realize this may require a mental realignment. The way we approach supplementation is different—meant to fill in the nutritional gaps created by your active life so you can keep your body functioning normally.

Fieldlab is focused on providing active people a comprehensive system to manage personal health by helping people to understand inner function and also how to fuel it properly.

About Our Founder

Dr. Alison Monette specializes in the art of health using an evidence-based, whole-person medical approach. She has over a decade of respected and sought after clinical experience as a naturopathic doctor in the wellness industry. Her deep understanding of how human physiology interacts with the modern environment but also her extreme eagerness to bring people access to this knowledge through teaching, has made her philosophy and approach to lifestyle very pragmatic, while challenging traditional and socially dominant ideas. 

For the Day In

And the Day out

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