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Bring higher function to your active day.

Fuel your full day with Fieldlab. 

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Bring higher function to your active day.

Refocusing Fitness Goals

We are changing the conversation from performance to function.

What is function?

Fitness goals that are focused on performance: how many reps, how fast, how much can you lift—only get you so far. 

Fitness goals that are focused on function: doing things well and feeling your best while doing them—gets you further. 

Make function your focus and feeling your best will follow. 

Our Mission

We want to help people connect to their inner function and personal health by living a functional lifestyle. We believe that once someone understands their active body needs more fuel to maintain optimal function, they will do whatever it takes to prevent dysfunction. 

We provide you with practical solutions for actionable wellness all in one spot—with curated science-based content, our Fieldlab Method, and our nutritional supplements—to help you satisfy the needs of your active day.

Fieldlab Ethos

Connect to your Functional Health

Our Fieldlab Method

Your active body requires more fuel than average to power normal function. What’s the best way to keep up? Live a functional lifestyle to provide your body all the fuel it needs.

Our approachable, common sense method helps you to understand, manage and personalize your functional lifestyle so you can take action and be the one managing personal health. 

Get Started
  • Observe
  • Nourish
  • Move
  • Reflect
  • Defend

Our Products

Key nutrients to fuel active people.

Our supplements are uncomplicated—containing only what you need­ to maintain optimal function.*

Optimized Daily

Optimized Daily

Daily multivitamin with key nutrients for an active day. Our smart blend provides more than the average multivitamin—it fuels your mitochondria to optimize cellular function.* Notice: We currently process and ship all orders on Mondays. For more details, please visit our FAQ section. 

Collagen Recovery

Collagen Recovery

Daily collagen blend with key nutrients to recover from an active day.Our combination of bioactive collagen peptides plus essential nutrients gives you the building blocks to fuel your structural function.* Notice: We currently process and ship all orders on Mondays. For more details, please visi...


For the Day In

And the Day out

For the day in, and the day out

Our Blog


A functional lifestyle resource for active people. 

For the Day In

And the Day out

Fuel your Fieldlab with useful functional lifestyle tips.