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Function is a Journey: About Noah

March 03, 2020


The alarm goes off.

Fueling my functional day always starts with a 5am Crossfit workout, plenty of quality coffee, whole foods and as much human interaction as I can find.

But it wasn’t always like this.

At one time I struggled to wake up before 10am or make it through the day without feeling overwhelmingly tired.

Like many, optimizing my health and function is a constant, unending journey. One marked by continued education, an open-mind and an insatiable desire for more. But it has been anything but smooth or easy!

Through high school and college, I had an intrinsic understanding that my nutrition, habits and lifestyle were not promoting long-term health. However, in a world filled with conflicting information and influence from social media, it felt impossible to understand what an optimal life truly looked like. For a long time, I felt lost, confused and to a large degree, alone and lacking resources.

Searching for answers, I turned to what I considered foundational to healthscience! From there a passion (some would say obsession) was born for a deeper understanding of the body and the environment around us. At the same time, I was introduced to what would become another passion (again, some would say obsession)CrossFit!

Still something seemed off about the typical approach to healthsolutions were surface level and root causes were never addressed. The individual as a holistic picture was never taken into account and the idea of function was drowned out by the pursuit of performance.

Knowing that I wanted to help change the conversation, I turned to where I felt most connectedthe CrossFit space. Pursuing an L1 certification and seeking opportunities to coach seemed like a natural way to achieve that goal and make an impact on the community I love. I hoped it would also give me the opportunity to interact with incredible human beings at all levels of their functional health and learn from their insights.

Coaching and CrossFit in general have become a huge part of my functional life and the opportunity to interact and learn from others everyday has given me a deep understanding of what the world truly needsfunction.

The journey towards optimizing my functional health and guiding others towards theirs will never end. And that’s okayif not welcomed. It’s the process and the connections gained along the way that make it deeply rewarding and ultimately worthwhile. It’s knowing that somebody’s life has changed for the betterpermanentlythat makes each day a new and exciting opportunity. Its the pursuit of something profoundly meaningful that defines Fieldlab and the brand’s mission and I am honored to be a part of it.


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